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It's Lower Body Day

Win $1,000 for Your Transformation

In addition to experiencing significant differences in your body, your health, and your outlook on life, you could win an extra $1,000! Every Farrell's location gives away a $1,000 in prize money each session to the 10-Week Challenge member with the most dramatic transformation—some even give two prizes each session!

While the opportunity to win $1,000 is great motivation for our 10-Week Challenge members, that’s not the reason they joined Farrell's. Our “10-Weekers,” as we sometimes call them, all benefit from personalized coaching, nutritional guidance, and professional fitness lessons.

10-Week Challenge Winner Icon
Alysha B.
Summer 2019 Winner
Brooklyn Park, MN
Before 10 Weeks
After 10 Weeks
11.75 Total Inches Lost!
Brooklyn Park, MN
39.7% Body Fat
Push-ups: 20 in one minute
Sit-ups: 21 in one minute
33.0% Body Fat
Push-ups: 26 in one minute
Sit-ups: 31 in one minute
Results Guaranteed
Even if you don’t win the $1,000, you’ll still be ecstatic with your results. We’re so certain, we guarantee it! If you don’t see changes during your 10-Week Challenge, we will hand you $500 to join another health club of your choosing.
*Each person is different, so results will vary. Any testimonials or results shown or stated reflect what that specific person was able to achieve using our program. If you follow all of the Farrells 10-Week program and there is no improvement in any of your fitness evaluations that are conducted by us upon completion of your 10-Week Challenge, we will pay you $500.
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